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Home, Outdoor, Office, Gym?
No issues. Wherever you are, make that your gym.

No more excuse for skipping the gym. Gymsquad Bands are handy and you can get to work anywhere. Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.
The Pilates glutes bands are designed for women and men, they have been rigorously trialed and tested by fitness enthusiasts to create the perfect range of resistance bands.
Our bands are made of the highest quality latex of resistance bands and tested to withstand a safe stretch of up to 200% of the original length present.

Gymsquad provides resistance bands set of 5 in India for YOGA & PILATES (5 to 40 LBS).
Gymsquad resistance band is made of natural latex material.

1. To lose weight and increase muscle resistance training with resistance band training.
2. In doing a stretching warm-up, you can use the resistance band complete.
3. Improve muscle power and flexibility of physical activity.
4. Rally circle part of the core training of supervision, yet powerful combination of tools.
5. Can help achieve stronger, more type, more sporty hip, leg, and hip, make your body more beautiful.

Benefits of Gymsquad™ Yoga & Pilates resistance exercise bands

Benefits For Weight Loss
These days, resistance bands are very popular among those who want to lose weight. Reports already show that resistance workouts not only build muscles and strength, it also helps to reduce body fat.

Benefits For Weight Gain
As we mentioned many times, resistance exercises provide stretch and tension to your muscles that increase their size. So yes it is a great alternative tool for those who don't want to fill their home with gym workout equipment.

Benefits For Joints
Besides muscle gain, resistance bands also improve the stability of your joints and strengthen your bones. So it is safe and doesn't give any injuries while you exercise with these bands.

Benefits For Strength Training
You can easily do down pull and biceps curl with these bands instead of a cable row machine. Proper workout bands exercises improve your posture, give flexibility, tones, and strength your muscles

Benefits For Mobility Training
Loop resistance bands are great for doing Mobility Training. Standing hip CAR's, active hangs with rotation, clamshell opening, etc are some best training for hip and shoulder mobility. These exercises help to improve daily pain, aches, joint motions, and body awareness.

Benefits For Full Body Training
Resistance/Workout band is a multi-purpose training item. So you can improve different body muscles like abs, chest, back, legs, and calves with the help of these workout resistance bands. Although, It's not mean that you don't need to go to the gym. But yes it's a great alternative tool for training your full body available online in India.
So yes, you can actually build muscle with resistance bands.

Brand new and high quality

Natural latex


Package included
1 Pieces Resistance Band
Light Pink,Pink,Rose Red,Light Purple,Purple

600*50*0.35 mm,
600*50*0.5 mm,
600*50*0.7 mm,
600*50*0.9 mm,
600*50*1.1 mm