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GYMSQUAD™ - Pack of 3 FITNESS RESISTANCE BANDS for legs, buttocks and hips (60 to 120 LBS)

  • Rs. 1,450.00

No more excuse for skipping the gym

GymSquad ™ resistance bands are available online, handy and you can get to work anywhere. Stay Fit, Stay Healthy. Workout resistance bands are exactly what they sound like, bands that provide resistance to strengthen or stretch your muscles. To get a toned body and improve your strength, strength training is the ideal regime and there isn't anything better to kick it up a notch than with resistance band exercises.
GymSquad ™ provides a resistance band for legs, buttocks, and hips (60 to 120 LBS) in 3 colors set available in three levels of resistance in India.

GymSquad ™ squat resistance band is made of satin cotton and latex wire mesh material.

Benefits of squat resistance exercise bands for the workout

Benefits For Glutes

Want to gain your booty muscles? Then GymSquad™ resistance bands India are a great workout tool for it, no need to be sad if you skip the gym. Try to use especially design resistance bands for glutes.
And follow a squat exercise with these bands to grow your glutes, shoulders, and hip muscles. Although, it takes time, so be patients.

Benefits For Legs

The same case here, just follows the squat exercise with resistance bands by wrapping this band around your thigh. It will help to stretch your muscles and generate power to the right place for better shape.
Exercise with resistance bands is very effective and hard training, so you may feel difficult to walk the next morning.

Benefits For Joints

Besides muscle gain, resistance bands also improve the stability of your joints and strengthen your bones. Therefore, it is safe and does not give any injuries while you exercise with these bands.
Deep squat resistance rebound flexibility is good. The deep squat is the best action that raises leg ministry strength, still can promote systemic strength very well.

The first selection that develops leg ministry muscle, promotes systemic muscle growth, improves cardiac function. Squat down to strengthen your heart. You should practice squats by workout resistance bands regularly to make your heart stronger.

Package include

3 resistance bands (light 60 lbs - medium 90 lbs - heavy 120 lbs)