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Gymsquad™️ shapewear zipper sweat vest - women

  • Rs. 1,350.00

Simply put it on and let it work its magic on your body. You'll enjoy great back support, correct posture, and you will sweat crazily!

Gymsquad is introducing Women's zipper heat-trapping sweat vest and shapewear.
Gymsquad zipper heat-trapping sweat vest and shapewear for women traps the heat around your core and enhances natural perspiration 3x times more than normal gym clothing.

From accelerated calorie burning to produce more "feel good" endorphins, sweating from physical activity has numerous proven health benefits that are now available in India on Gymsquad online store.

Gymsquad zipper heat-trapping sweat vest and shapewear for women boost metabolism, improve warm-up & recovery times, feel better after exercise, and make every workout count.
Gymsquad's all-new Zip-up Sauna Vest is made from an ultra-advanced composition of spandex and polymer fabrics so your core temperature rise and you get results FAST.

Gymsquad shapewear zipper vest fits snugly around your midsection and is designed to keep you sweating inside but comfortable and dry on the outside.
EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE - Wear it in the gym or while performing everyday activities, you'll INSTANTLY feel the heat.

Benefits of Gymsquad zipper heat-trapping sweat vest and shapewear for women.

  • Gymsquad zipper vest is super comfortable, it molds and moves with your body during workouts or everyday activities.

  • Easy to put on: high-quality zipper allows you to put it on or take it off EASILY.

  • Gymsquad shapewear zipper vest is exceptionally flexible and versatile: featuring a traditional tank top style you can choose to wear it underneath your clothes completely hidden without adding any extra bulk.

  • Its special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you're always dry on the outside.

  • Gymsquad heat-trapping sweat vest is an ultra-thin yet extremely effective fabric that's breathable, comfortable, and super quick to dry. Its revolutionary 0-bulk design helps you achieve results faster and easier.

  • Gymsquad zipper sweat vest provides a hot-sauna-like experience including many of the same scientifically-proven health benefits. (Increased calorie burning, detoxification, improved immune system, enhanced blood flow, faster warm-up & recovery times, trigger release of endorphins, etc.)

  • Features an anti-roll silicone lining so it fits snuggly and stays in place.

  • Gymsquad shapewear zipper sweat vest is machine Washable: made of ultra-advanced polyurethane inner layer that preserves heat yet allows the vest to be machine washed.

  • This Gymsquad zipper vest can help keep fit, improve microcirculation, flush out toxins, increase sweating and calorie burning during exercise, and reduce fluid in fat cells. Maximize the effectiveness of your workout and speed up calorie burning.

Gymsquad shapewear zipper sweat vest looks great and matches any combination of workout shirts or can even be worn under everyday wear. So, do not forget to wear this on your next workout.