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We’re an independently owned, fitness apparel brand and a startup company recognized for anti-cellulite leggings– forever curious and ready to exceeds customers’ expectations through superior quality, real results and innovation.


GymSquadTM  has inspired various brands in India, while constantly evolving and expanding the product line and ruling the hearts of loyal customers. GymSquadTM is dedicated to women’s only sportswear industry. A fashion and beauty enthusiasts start up whose goal is to help women in India look and feel their best.

Providing them with the latest fashion items and best, innovative gym wear solutions. We would love it if you would like to review our first collection of anti-cellulite and push up legging, also known as TikTok legging.  Using innovative technologies and quality materials, we seek to provide the exceptional performance apparel to women in India for both sports and everyday wear.


GYMSQUAD™️ - India number one anti-cellulite and booty lifting leggings which allow women around India to feel self-confident and fit once again!
Get Rid Of Cellulite - The ceramic fibres help stimulate skin vessels and increase blood flow making it your perfect everyday ally in the fight against cellulite.
Get Toned Legs - Eliminate up to three times more cellulite during your workouts. The honeycomb fabric stimulates, massages and helps drainage when moving which helps reduce cellulite faster. As a result, your legs are more toned and your buttocks are firmer.
Flattering Push Up Effect - Sexy shape any day of the week thanks to its slimming effect. The push up effect will lift your butt.
Our effort is to give you high on style, without adding weight on your wallet!